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The cost of staff turnover can average up to 100% of a person’s annual salary. This figure alone makes staff development and retention critical to the long-term success of any business. But saving money isn’t the only bonus when it comes to staff retention. A happy work environment, where staff turnover is at its lowest, is a real incentive when recruiting. Attract the talent by managing your existing workforce effectively. Below are some tips on retaining your current employees and building talent from within; • Implement a framework where an employee can perceive their success and career development. Employees want to advance their careers yet not all want to move into managerial roles so look at other areas as well, such as training or mentoring, or recognising seniority as in ‘Senior Technician’ for example. • Employee Satisfaction is key. Ensure the communication ports are open between employees and management and expectations are clear. • Create an environment where your employees feel able to speak their mind, where they feel comfortable providing feedback, criticism and sharing ideas. Employees want to feel supported and valued, and this includes being heard. Create an Inspiring and Engaging Workplace - PR in a Nutshell:

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