12 x 12 is Still 144

I haven't posted anything on this blog for the better part of the past year because I decided to go into semi-retirement. In fact, I haven't done too much of anything in the last couple of years.

After working all my life, I'm enjoying not having too many responsibilities. My brother and I began delivering newspapers in 1977, so at 53 years of age, i truly have worked a lifetime.

I was surfing the net earlier because I wanted to freshen up on my math. I was specifically looking for multiplication tables and I found a great site that features all the tables on it's site.

The site has a complete multiplication table for each number from 1 to 12. I practiced on the multiplication table of 12. What is 12x12? 144! of course.

At any rate, I still have a couple clients I help out so I have to know how to add and subtract numbers from time to time. Plus, I enjoy just being able to answer a math question when one presents itself.

Thanks for coming 😀


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