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Find the Refrigerator that's Perfect for You by Looking at Summit Refrigerators

Refrigerators have a unique history.  Consumers began keeping food cold in a contraption called an icebox which was also called a ‘cold closet’.  It was simply a compact non-mechanical refrigerator which was widely used in American homes before the development of electricity powered refrigeration devices such as Summit refrigerators. 
The first time a refrigerator was manufactured for home use was in 1913, and thankfully, they’ve gotten better over time.  When it was introduced, the electric refrigerator quickly replaced the icebox in many homes in the United States.  In some counties in America, the refrigerator is still called an icebox. 
Although the mass produced refrigerator was introduced in 1913, refrigeration dates back to the mid-1750s which is when artificial refrigeration began widespread use for businesses and eventually for homes.  Before the modern refrigerator became widely used, frozen foods, which were previously a luxury item, became commonplace.
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