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Test of Viewbix Studio


This is a test of the Viewbix video creator.  It's supposed to create clickable links and buttons on videos.

Living in Slovakia Blog Review Video

If you enjoy traveling you may find yourself in the country of Slovakia.  My sister writes on a blog called Living in Slovakia where she posts articles about how to drive in the country, how to cook Slovakian food and how to use public transportation.

The video below is a Living in Slovakia blog review.  It was created by a British woman so you may recognize the accent.  At any rate, watch the video and then visit the blog.


I hope you enjoyed the video.  Now go visit the Slovakian blog.

Top 10 Mistakes and Myths of Social Media

Los 10 principales errores y mitos del Social Media

The social media has only existed for a few years, but during this short period of time, marketers and researchers have discovered some very interesting things. Previously, sites like MySpace, Friendster or Facebook were simply places where you could get in touch with your friends through the network. Now, however, businesses are beginning to tap the potential of social networks, incorporating them into their marketing strategies. This approach has provided outstanding results. But not as easy as it sounds, as it must learn how to effectively use social media.

Fundraising for People that are HIV Positive


Co-publishing, publishing a good alternative outside the big publishers

18 Reasons Why Does Hates your Website via

18 Reasons Why Does Hates your Website via

You'll find the first reason below.  Please click on the link at the end of the text to continue reading this informative article:

1 – You do not know the keywords used by your readers

The heart of SEO is to understand what people are looking for on the search engines and adapt your content to these key words. If you use the same words or the same phrases that target your audience, your blog will be highlighted during searches.

Read more:

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Golf Fitness Training - VIP Membership | Golf fitness training and workout program

Golf Fitness Training:

VIP Membership | Golf fitness training and workout programs based on functional fitness.:

The Get Golf Fit website is owned by a client.  He's currently hosting a special to celebrate the Master's tournament that's coming up.  If you're a golf junkie you may want to check out the golf fitness exercises provided on the blog.

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