Email Sent to My Doctor and Her Reply

Hi doctor,

I saw the foot doctor yesterday.  The preoperative instructions are attached.

The podiatrist wants to do a skin graft in two weeks.  And she said she's going to lengthen my Achilles's tendon (that has me scared).  Should I get a second opinion about that?

On October 29th, I'll be admitted to General for the operation and I'll be there a week according to the foot doctor.  I don't know what will happen after that.

Dr. Marquez Reply

Hi Ramiro, 

I am glad you have a surgery date.  I wouldn't be too scared about the Achilles tendon, it seems  necessary (but I will review the surgery notes).

I am in Uganda now, but will review the surgery notes when I get back next week, and then I will email you.  Usually people go to a skilled nursing facility after the surgery.  This will give time for the skin graft to heal. -Dr. Marquez

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