Provillus Promises Real Hair Growth for Both Men and Women

Los Angeles, California, December 8, 2011 - Provillus offers a hair treatment solution for people with balding and receding hair. The brand has proven to have helped many men and women grow back their natural tresses. Real before-and-after photos show that hair is indeed re-grown. The brand’s many customers have attested to the product’s effectiveness and are living proofs of its favorable results.

When asked how the product works, a Provillus spokesperson revealed that its secret lies in the correct proportion of ingredients used. He further adds that even if you use the right ingredients but don’t know how to do the proper mixtures and measurements, it won’t be very successful in delivering the desired outcome. The company uses only the safest and natural ingredients. One main component is the Saw Palmetto. This has been tried and tested clinically to reduce a certain hormone that causes baldness. Once this hormone called DHT is lessened, hair will just grow back on its own. The company believes that the use of this natural ingredient is what sets them apart from other hair growth manufacturers. It claims that this is one very effective method in hair re-growth as evidenced by its satisfied customers. It further gives the assurance that Saw Palmetto is very safe and won’t cause any side effects or allergic reactions.

The effects of the product vary from one person to another. There are users that see quick results while others say that it takes some time for hair to grow. However, the company guarantees everyone that once the product takes effect, hair will grow naturally as it used to. As more and more people have attested to the product’s effectiveness, Provillus also continues to grow as a business. The company promises to devote its efforts to research and go on to develop products that can help people’s lives.

The common misconception with the product is that hair grows back after only one month’s use. The company itself has said that this is a big lie. Its spokesperson reiterates that Provillus is not a magic potion or wonder drug. It is all natural; therefore, it may take some time for hair to grow. He says that it is important to buy the authentic pills and take them consistently. He further states that the pills should be taken at the same time each day for best results. 

A healthy diet and lifestyle also helps to speed up the process of hair grow. The effects may take place after at least three months of regular use, but still greatly depends on the person taking it. The company continuously informs the users of Provillus that diligence, patience and discipline contribute to the product’s effectiveness. One needs to do his part in order to reap the fruits.


Provillus is a hair loss treatment for both men and women. These are pills that should be taken daily and consistently. It promises hair growth but the time it takes effect varies from one person to another. Hair grows naturally as the product uses only the best and safest ingredients. The product offers value for money and can be sourced from many online stores.


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